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Abrasion Resistant Coating
Abrasion-resistant coatings provide functional and aesthetic properties to several surfaces. These can protect structures in many industrial settings against wear, rust, damage, and others. Offered coatings are suited for the construction of floors, pavements, and roads. 

Acrylic Primer
The Acrylic Primers we deal in are functional as the transparent and water-based primers are offered with very good adhesion as well as penetration on different cement surfaces. 

Build Coating
The Build Coatings we deal in are functional as advanced coating materials that have been formulated for an advanced single application. These are made to cover the surfaces with thick films and amend critical properties. The coatings make a protective barrier against deterioration.

Crack Filler
The Crack Fillers are functional as the tough filler created with a unique mixture of plaster and cement for making a weather resistant, flexible, and quick setting surfaces for exterior as well as interior applications. 

Epoxy Primers
The Epoxy Primers can make a proper base for topcoats which bring an exquisite finish. These make the surfaces ready for paint and work as the necessary element between the concrete as well as topcoat of the paint. 

Polysulphide Sealant
The Polysulphide Sealants are made from advanced construction process. These are made to seal off several types of channels as well as joints. These provide a waterproof seal and reduce the risk of water leakage. 
Waterproof Coatings
Waterproof coatings are water-repelling coatings, made to cover masonry of the building with a substance that is waterproof. The application of these coatings are apt for stopping the water from getting inside.